Director Andrew J Scoville on his new experiment

Director Andrew J Scoville on his new experiment

Director Andrew J Scoville

Director Andrew J Scoville

Kitchen Sink Experiment(s)’ director Andrew J Scoville answers questions about this upcoming new work, and how to make pizza crepes with chemistry.

What attracted you to Kitchen Sink Experiments? What are you hoping to accomplish with the text?

I was initially interested in Kitchen Sink Experiments for the opportunity to work with Colby Day. I had gotten to know his work through Pipeline Theater Company and Fresh Ground Pepper. When he emailed me about Kitchen Sink Experiment(s), I was excited about the opportunity to work with him on a full production. The content of the play is also very exciting for me to work on, I am always seeking out projects that have a science or technological aspect. The more I looked into Crashbox, and the more people on the team I meet, the more thrilled I am to not only be working with Colby, but having the opportunity to work with this exciting company. I hope people experience the play and consider the role of the outside observer in our lives and science as the ultimate observer.

The audience and scientist are both trying to be passive observers of the life onstage. How does the audience’s relationship with the scientist evolve over the course of the play?

I think the audience discovers the effect they are having on the couple in the same way the scientist does over the course of the play. It’s fun to think about Kitchen Sink Experiment(s) as a lens into the way the audience impacts human behavior and really studying what happens over the course of any piece of theater.

In the spirit of scientific research, what would you allow scientists to study about you for $150 a week?

Anything, as long as it doesn’t take more than an hour each day. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Would you identify as an introvert or extrovert?

Extrovert by day, introvert by night.

Have you ever participated in a science experiment?

I don’t think I have. Although as a CutCo salesman, I felt like that whole experience was some sort of science experiment–seeing how 18 year olds deal with selling knives to their friends’ parents. That felt like a science project.”I can cut a penny.”

I have conducted my own experiments. I’m kind of a food chef. Yesterday, I took just-add-water pancake mix, added a little bit of pasta sauce, some dried basil, and sliced tomatoes and put it on the ol’ hotplate. Then I dumped a bunch of asiago cheese on top and finished with bacon. It was like a pizza crepe. It’s pretty much all chemistry.

Heart rate? (You can estimate)

Too high probably. I love burgers.