Kitchen Sink Experiment(s): Rachel Lin (Scientist)

Kitchen Sink Experiment(s): Rachel Lin (Scientist)


Rachel Lin plays the scientist who comes to observe Brian and Simone in their natural habitat. She took some time to answer questions about Kitchen Sink Experiment(s), her science background, and recycling.
What were your initial impressions of Kitchen Sink Experiment(s) after your first read?

Intimacy. What a bitch.

What is your favorite moment/quote from the play?

Right now, I’m digging the line: “What do people actually act like? When they’re themselves? When are they themselves?”

It’s definitely something I spend a lot of time thinking about, as I’m sure, we all do. You kind of have to be obsessed with the human condition to want to pursue a creative life – in the arts or sciences.

What are you doing to make the space feel like it’s your home?

Well, when I arrive to rehearsal the first thing I do when I walk in the door is ask Andrew if the coffee’s ready. Then I help myself to a cup (or four). Also, I use the bathroom frequently and for long periods of time.

Have you had a chance to check out the neighborhood?

Yeah! I’ve probably checked out the Tortilla Factory a few too many times.

Have you learned anything new about the play or your character since you started rehearsals?

Hmmm. That she’s quite brave, this scientist. I think it’s an isolating & solitary thing to want to prove something that’s contrary to popular opinion, but she goes for it any way. Does she succeed? Well, that’s something else entirely.

Have you ever participated in a science experiment?

Oh yeah, sure. You think NYU degree is gonna pay for itself?!…

If a science came and watched you in your apartment, what’s one thing they might be surprised to find out?

I don’t know if there’s anything surprising to learn about me. Maybe that I’m weirdly invested in finding out the proper places to dispose of / recycle things? At the moment, I have a small collection of used Brita filters – because I don’t know where they should go and I feel bad just tossing them in the trash. It doesn’t seem right. So if anyone has any leads on that…

What do you hope the audience takes away from the experience of Kitchen Sink Experiment(s)?

How lucky they are they get to go home & not be watched. I hope they relish their privacy!

What excites you about the play and/or the way it is being performed?

I always love and am excited to work on a new play. In this one, I get to do a lot of watching the play along with the audience, which is pretty great. It’s like I have a free ticket to the theater every night we perform.

Were you good at science in school?

Nope. I went to Stuyvesant – a hypercompetitive STEM focused school, and being surrounded by kids who were brilliant at math & science helped me realize pretty quickly that I’m hopeless in those subject areas. I did, however, excel in the creative arts of copying homework in under 1 minute and coming up with elaborate reasons to need to leave the classroom.

If you could play the scientist and observe someone in their natural habitat for a few weeks, who would you want to observe?

Tim Ferriss, author of the The 4 Hour Work Week & The 4 Hour Body. Apparently, he only sleeps 4.5 hours a day and practices all these life & body-enhancing routines.

I feel like there’s a really good chance I’ll catch him eating Cheetos for breakfast and spending way too much time watching bad reality TV, just like the rest of us.

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