In the Basement by Alexia Antoniou

Featuring: AJ Ditty, Brittany Crowell, Meridith Jones, and Dianna Blaylock

Madeline by Zack Calhoon

Featuring: Barbra Wengerd, Barbara Thomas, and Stephen Anthony

Lord of Florida by Nathan Dennis

Featuring: Nathan Shapiro, Brittany Crowell, Erik Olson, Meridith Jones, Rebecca Vineyard, Carolina Do and Kelsey Schroth

Polenta by Kaela Mei-Shing Garvin

Featuring: Chante DeLong, Jon Friestedt, Kim Fisher, Meridith Jones, Brittany Crowell and Amanda Chambers

Friend of the People by Matthew Minnicino

Featuring: Amanda Chambers, Meridith Jones, Aidan Bose-Rosling, Duane Cooper and Indy Ingalls

Whatchamacallit by Emily Claire Schmitt

Featuring: Rebecca Vineyard, Amanda Chambers, Dianna Blaylock, Adrienne Ianciello, Lisa Riegel, Mary Leggio, and Jon Friestedt