Kitchen Sink Experiment(s)

by Colby Day
directed by Andrew Scoville

OCTOBER 21  –  NOVEMBER 13, 2016 


Crashbox Theater Company presents the World Premiere of KITCHEN SINK EXPERIMENT(S) by Colby Day. Director Andrew J Scoville will stage the production in an authentic Brooklyn apartment with a limited audience of 20 per performance.


Matthew K. Davis (Brian) is grateful to be playing with this talented team. NY Theatre: Pseudolus (Gene Frankel), Angeltooth (staged reading, NYU), The Liddy Plays (Crashbox) and In the Next Room…(Conservatory). Film/Web: The Fantastic Adventures of Foolish Gentlemen, Grimm Kids (Foolish Gent. Films), Zeke and Frankie Don’t Wanna Eat Nobody (NYU), and The Good’s Gone (Hannah Armour). Training: NYU (Atlantic), International Theatre Workshop (Amsterdam).

Big thanks to my family, my friends, and to Alexia – you keep me going forwards.

Rachel Lin (Scientist) is a New Yorker by way of the UK. Recent Credits: That Noise (Sam French Play Fest), 1 Minute Play Festival directed by Annie Tippe (the Women’s Project & New Georges), The Unbearable Likeness of Jo, Jones, and Semity  (Dixon Place), Everything By My Side (P.S. 122), Can We Talk? by Jordan Seavey (Cutthroat Series @ The Flea Theater), Women (the PIT, Hollywood Fringe), Mary-Kate Olsen in in Love (the Flea Theater), We Are Samurai by Daria Marinelli, Fat Kids on Fire by Bekah Brunstetter. Upcoming: Labeled, the Series. BFA: NYU.

Lena Hudson (Simone) is an actor and creator based in NYC. She has helped develop work for Ars Nova, Joe’s Pub, Clubbed Thumb, Fresh Ground Pepper, La MaMa and Theatre Reconstruction Ensemble, among others. Some of her favorite credits include: Debutante (Ars Nova), Folk Wandering (Joe’s Pub/Ars Nova), Cowboy Mouth (Red Room), Valhalla (Boxed Wine Prod.), The Collected Rules of Gifted Camp (The Brick), and Oil of Olé! (La MaMa). She is also currently developing a clown piece titled, Show(wo)manship.

Colby Day (Playwright), a Brooklyn-based playwright and filmmaker, tells stories about people, robots, and monsters who deal with feelings. His plays have been developed and produced by Crashbox Theater Company, Pipeline Theatre Company, UglyRhino, Theater for the New City, and The Tank. He participated in Pipeline’s PlayLab in 2014 and 2015 and has been a writer in residence with TRE & The In-Between People. He wants you to recognize your feelings in his work, especially the dumb, bad, wrong ones. Because he thinks those are magical and aren’t dumb or bad at all.

Andrew J. Scoville (Director) is a Brooklyn based theater director focusing on developing new work that merges science and performance. He most recently directed Molly Murphy & Neil deGrasse Tyson On Our Last Day On Earth at ANT Fest this past summer. He is co-creator of a podcast called People Doing Math which presents music, drama and conversations inspired by mathematical concepts. He is the director of Love Machine, a high-tech, interactive performance in three parts utilizing actor and audience responsive technology. He is a co-Founder/co-Director of Fresh Ground Pepper, a not-for-profit dedicated to making it easier to create new work through a series of artistic challenges and developmental programs. He worked as Associate Director for Alex Timbers on David Byrne’s musical Here Lies Love for both NYC and UK Productions.

Joel Soren (Production Designer) is a Brooklyn based freelance theatrical director, designer, and technician of new & original work in NYC. Recent work includes the co-direction and production design of the Kapow-i GoGo Saga by Matt Cox at the P.I.T. NYC; Direction & Design of #Triptych by T. Adamson as a part of the sublet series at the HERE Arts Co-op, and AD’d (Drama Desk winner) Ed Iskandar for The Mysteries at the Flea Theater. In developing his craft Joel has traveled with Theater MItU to Bangalore, India; retreated to Little Pond, PA with Fresh Ground Pepper; and to Washington D.C. while clerically assisting the worlds foremost expert on crystal skulls at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. NYU, BFA double major in Drama & Politics, class of ’13.

 Joel Charles Yates

(Associate Production Design)

Alannah O’Hagan (Production Stage Manager) is a New York stage manager and graduate of Northeastern University’s Department of Theatre.  Recent stage management credits include Girl Versus Corinth at Capital Fringe Festival, Legally Blonde at NYU Tisch New Studio on Broadway, and Two Arms and A Noise (Workshop) at New York Theatre Workshop.  Other recent credits include Here Lies Love at The Public Theater (Production Assistant), and Pretty Filthy with The Civilians (Spotlight Operator).  She is currently stage managing the premier of Leah Franqui’s new play “Stitches” at Theaterlab August 6-15.


Robert Day

Teresa Day

Michael Cirelli

Kimberly Crowell

Kelly Ridley

Crashbox Theater Company
Artistic Director 
Meridith Jones


Managing Director
Brittany Crowell


Marketing Director 
Michael Cirelli


Literary Manager 
Rebecca Vineyard


Aidan Bose-Rosling*, Amanda Chambers*, Michael Sean Cirelli,
 Brittany Crowell, Jon Friestedt, Meridith Jones^,
Jenna Krasowski, Thomas Muccioli^,
Kelsey Schroth* and Rebecca Vineyard
Milee Bang^, Emily Davidson^, Jolenta Greenberg^,
Camille Lowman^, Rebecca Schoffer^, Griffin Sherbert^,
Erica Genereux Smith^, Jordan Douglas Smith^ and Alex G. Vincent^


* Associate Members
^ Founders
Carolina Do  –  Terrence Christgau  –  Thomas Lapke  –  Veronica Cooper  –  Alexa Rosselli
 Andy Zou & Jay Eisenberg – Anthony Cirelli  –  Brian Donnelly  –  Charlie O’Leary
  Claire Kiechel  –  Hollis Beck  –  Ivy Croteau – James & Glenda Jones
  James Ryan  –  Jessika Doyel  –  Jonathan Gelatt  –  Josh Garon
  Kelsey Schroth – Marianna Barry  –  Marino Muccioli  –  Melanie Meijer
Mike Morgenstern  –  Milee Bang- Niki Sawyer  –  Nila Sawyer
  Ray Chapin  –  Silviana Russo  –  Susana Skrande  –  Tihomir Andonov
LaVerne Brand  –  Ann Z Cirelli  –  Justin Cirelli  –  Kevin Johnsen
  Lauren Lombardo  –  Amber Malott – Burton Frey  –  Daniel Johnsen
   Ian Day  –  JD Fairman  –  Michael Horton  –  Peter M Paulino
 Chad Crowell- Barbara Schaps Thomas  –  Emme Bonilla  –  Rod Vineyard
  Ariana Schrier  –  Arielle Siegel – Brama Sukarma  –  Elizabeth Alderfer
 Elizabeth Spano  –  Ellen Adair  –  Emily Schmitt  –  Erica Rodger
Joshua Fu  –  Samuel Pinkleton  –  Alex  –  Amanda Sarah Baker
 Amanda Vineyard  –  Andrea Miller – Andrew Smith  –  Carina Skrande  –  Camara McLaughlin
  Cameran Hebb  –  Cammie Jones  –  Carol Manley – Claire Rothrock
 –  Connor Carew  –  Danielle Cirelli  –  Evan Cirelli  –  Darcy Wright & Max Demers
Elana McKelahan  –  Franco Pedicini  –  Gabriel Evansohn  –  George Russell
 Gina Dzielak  –  Hannah Whitney – Hawaii Smith Family  –  Hayley Swinburne
  Heather McDevitt Barton  –  Jaclyn Scoville  – Jason Mills – Jenna Lloyd
Jennifer Milich  –  Jenny Donheiser  –  Joe Cantalupo  –  Joe Hernandez
  Jon Herman- Joyah Love Spangler  –  Julian Locke  –  Justin Nichols
  Kassianni  –  KC Wright  –  Kristen Jones – Lauren Fanslau
  Michael Bulger  –  League of Independent Theater  –  Michelle Karst  –  Mona Chartier
Monica O’Malley  –  Nate Hamm  –  Nate Weida  –  Rachel Lynn Jackson
  Rachel Wohlander  –  Sara Bivigou – Sarah Hollemans  – Savanna Chute
Spencer Carter  –  Steven Gutentag  –  Victor Balta  –  Vinny DePonto
Will Dagger  –  Zach Fleming  –  RJ Brown  –  Heather Gallagher
  Jaeme Griffin  –  Alona Metzer – Jon Friestedt  –  Katie BennV
Paul Winters  –  The WhiteListed Theatre Company  –  Nader
Neal Chung-Yee  –  Brian Sipsey  –  Dante Cirelli  –  Laurie Schenker
  Mary Cirelli  –  Maryam Sajed – Peoples Improv Theater  –  Susan Friestedt
  Anthony Marinelli  –  Colleen Gallagher – Donald Weida  –  Eddie Zareh
  Glenda Jones  –  Gutty Skrande  –  Jenna Krasowski  –  Jill Kaiser
Katie Hong  –  Matthew Elliott Wilson  –  Melissa Montgomery  –  Rebecca Schoffer
  Rema Vineyard – Sam Chapin  –  Ulysses Popple  –  Emily Gwynn
  Alicia House  –  Carl Holder – David Dabbon  –  Hannah B L Pascoe
  Ian Axness  –  James Bacon  –  John Kurzynowski  –  Julian Barbosa
Matthew K Davis  –  Victoria Krasowski  –  Alexia Antoniou  –  Allison P
 Amy Miller  –  Andrew Farmer – Artan Telqiu  –  Britton Buttrill
  Caroline O’Meara  –  Daniel Tepper  –  Danzig!  –  Darcy Cadman
Diane Bruno  –  Elisabeth Svenningsen  –  Emerie Snyder  –  Emma Koenig
 Erik Olson  – Grace Eubank – Ira Madison III  –  Isaac Dansicker
  Isaac Klein  –  Janine McGuire  –  Joshua Quinn  –  Kristina Vnook
Maria Wilson  –  Mel Day  –  Molly Zimmerman  –  Nadia Garbosky
  Rachel Chatham – Rebecca Behrens  –  Rick Cekovsky  –  Sachi Jacobson
  Sara Conte  –  Sarah Lucie  –  Seth Clayton – Shane Zeigler
Sophie Frankle  –  Stacy Salvette  –  Sydney Matthews  –  TJ Burleson
  A.P. Andrews – Adrienne Joyce  –  Connor Unger  –  David Jenkins
 Isaiah Singer  –  Ivan Tsang  –  Melissa Hansel –
Samantha Slater  –  Oscar Lopez  –  Ida Zumbo
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