Read.Play.Write. II
Second Annual Reading Series

The Paradise Factory

November – December, 2013

OFF THE REALNESS by Nick Gandiello
Directed by Nick Leavens
Stage Managed by Jordan Smith
Monday, November 11th

When Addy, a white rapper from the suburbs, has a shot at a record deal, he tries to lure his estranged brother Ty back into the violent world of the gangster image to re-form their rap duo for an upcoming concert. But in questioning the violence in Addy’s lyrics and life, Ty pushes his brother to reveal truths that challenge their identities, authenticity, and the nature of hip-hop itself. With the mics checked and the crowd watching, Addy must decide how far he will go to prove he is “real.”
Cast: Owen Campbell, Jovan A. Davis, Jared Kemp, Thomas Muccioli and Ruffin Prentiss

NORWAY by Claire Kiechel
Directed by Christopher Mirto
Stage Managed by Laura Maxfield
Monday, November 18th

Reeling from the death of his mother, Nico’s life gets more complicated as he finds out his wife is pregnant and his boss at the candy magazine wants him gone. Is Nico able to escape and start anew running away to Norway or is he just finding the Norwegian version of his old life?

Cast: Ryan Feyk, Julia Frey, Stephanie Hayes, Jason Martin and Jordan Douglas Smith

THE AESTHETE by Griffin Sherbert
Directed by Gonçalo Ruivo
Wednesday, November 20th

Drawing from the tradition of Ibsen’s Peer Gynt, The Aesthete is the epic tale of one man’s journey around the world seeking to discover the great story of his life.

Cast: Chris Batstone, Josh Berkowitz, Darcy Cadman, Howard Collado, Ann Gulian, Eleanor Van Hest, Adrienne Ianciello, Meridith Jones, Jenna Krasowksi and Nicholas Newton

WHERE IT FEELS by Kaitlin Schuster
Directed by Sharone Halevy
Monday, December 2nd
In “Where it Feels,” Hana is feeling dangerously close to slipping into a post-undergrad sticky pit of ennui and dodging the matchmaking attempts of her over zealous best friend isn’t helping. When stood up for a date with bachelor number infinity, she, instead, meets a queer individual trying to live outside of the gender binary and falls heart-first into a relationship with this person. As the unsteady, unexpected union unfolds, it challenges both the lovers and those around them to question, “Am I capable of loving another person and if I am, do I even want to?”

Cast: Vince Bandille, Brittany Crowell, Anna Gothard, Will Dagger, Amanda Lea Mason and Keilly McQuail

Directed by Cynthia Silver
Sunday, December 8th

April and Josh get married young, and quickly find they are in over their heads. When they separate, they are suddenly rootless in a world that they barely understand. Two characters simply named ‘N’ & ‘K’ play an assortment of characters from Josh’s parents to April’s nurse and an Israeli man looking for love. A lyrical evocation of the lost, lonely feeling of living one’s 20s alone together in the city.

Cast: Will Brill, Marcia DeBonis, Keilly McQuail and Paul Urcioli


A D R I A N   R   C E N T O N I   P H O T O G R A P H Y