Our fifth annual Read. Play. Write. series.

by Kaela Mei-Shing Garvin
directed by Eric R. Mercado
Monday, October 10 @ 8:00 PM
Shetler Studios, PH1

Featuring: Alton Alburo*, Matthew K. Davis, Kana Hatakeyama, Harrison Hill, Adin Lenahan, Pedro Aijon Torres, Ching Valdes-Aran*, and Rebecca Vineyard.
Stage Manager: Meridith Jones


When Lester’s cousin dies, he returns to the Philippines to tie up loose ends, leaving loose ends at home in Minnesota with his boyfriend Lester. Butterknife is a magical breakup story following Andrew and Lester across plains, seas, and skies as they leave love behind.  

by A.P. Andrews
directed by Lauren Z. Adleman
Monday, October 17 @ 8 PM
Shetler Studios, PH1

Featuring: Peter Collier, Sam Gonzalez, and Allan K. Washington.
Stage Manager: Brittany Crowell


Dillon has been working at Oceanside Municipal Airport for almost ten years, and has finally started to feel content with the quiet, peaceful life he has built. But when an intriguing new employee arrives on the scene and a mysterious creature begins visiting the airport late at night, Dillon’s stable life becomes much more turbulent. Can Dillon find the strength to reach in to the blue and grab on to the things he wants, or will letting himself be vulnerable simply lead to an even bigger free-fall?

by Charly Evon Simpson
directed by Matt Dickson
Monday, October 24 @ 8 PM
Shetler Studios, PH1


Featuring: Toni Ann DeNoble, Sasha Diamond*, Federico Rodriguez*, and Jennifer Tsay.
Stage Manager: Amanda Chambers


Scratching the Surface is a play about one woman’s nightmare, one couple’s dream, and the nice woman next door to likes to stop by with pies.

by A.J. Ditty
directed by Kristin McCarthy Parker
Monday, November 7 @ 8 pm
Shetler  Studios, PH1


Featuring: Brendan Dalton, Sean Ireland, Ellie Phillips, Cristina Pitter, and Akyiaa Wilson.
Stage Manager: Meridith Jones


ELOISE PARKER GOES TO THE MOON is the story of love, cancer, and blasting off into the depths of space. When Eloise Parker is diagnosed with stage-three lung cancer, her initial terror gives way to hope with the revelation of a new experimental treatment: launching herself into space to extend her lifespan tenfold. But in order to do so, she must combat both the horrors of her disease and her own complicated relationships: with her wife, Victoria, whom she grows more and more distant from each day; with Tom, her co-pilot and child cancer survivor; and with the Moon itself, her childhood friend who may not have her best interests at heart.

by Charlie O’Leary
directed by Tasha Gordon-Solmon
Monday, November 14 @ 8 pm
Shetler Studios, PH1


Featuring: Chris Brown, Layla Khoshi, and Aaron Lynn
Stage Manager: Rebecca Vineyard


A college freshman plays kinky sex games with an older grad student. A radio journalist attempts to extract a story from a cagey gay escort. Flip a coin, heads or tails, but choose carefully: Loser gets humiliated.

*Denotes member of Actors Equity Association