Mondays January 21st -February 25th

(No reading February 18th)

Shetler Studios



1.21 Yaelis

written by JULIANY TAVERAS directed by MANNY RIVERA


1.28 Daughters of the Dewey Decimal

written by JONA TARLIN directed by KATIE LINDSAY


2.4 Sensitive to Bite

written by ELJON WARDALLY directed by ZOEY MARTINSON


2.11 Wild Parrots of Campbell

written by ALEX RIAD directed by PADRAIC LILLIS


2.25 How to Destroy an American Girl Doll

written by JAN ROSENBERG directed by SHIRA-LEE SHALIT


Sometimes running away means finding home, not leaving it behind. A coming-of-age journey that crosses borders & spans centuries, YAELIS is a road trip, a fever dream, & an earth-shaking ancestral resurrection.

Daughters of the Dewey Decimal

1995 A.D. The Library of Alexandria has just switched from a card catalogue to a computer. Penny’s in a panic, Lori knows its the future and Morgan’s stuck in between. Everyone else just wants to talk about aliens. And no one knows yet that the Library’s gonna burn.

Sensitive to Bite

Set in a bodega on the Lower East Side of NY, a budding feminist and her conservative husband struggle to sacrifice remnants of their past in Syria for the sake of their uncertain future in the US.

Wild Parrots of Campbell

In a rundown house in a California suburb, a group of loser twenty-something roommates, find their low rent, slacker existence threatened when their friend/landlord invites a strange girl he met online to move in, igniting tensions amongst the friends and digging up the home’s past familial trauma.

How to Destroy an American Girl Doll

Gen teaches Vee how to do it when they’re 12. And through drunken sleepovers, graduation parties, and lonely college dorm rooms, they’re both still doing it. A dark comedy about addiction, asexuality, and monsters.