RPW IV – Meet playwright Michael Sean Cirelli

RPW IV – Meet playwright Michael Sean Cirelli

GRIT by Michael Sean Cirelli
Directed by Sharone Halevy
February 8th @ 8pm
440 Studios (440 Lafayette Street)

Minsk and Wimple live in their tent at the bottom of the stairs under the bright in the up and, for them, every day is the same. Until today. An absurd fairy tale about the rules of societies and what happens when they change.

Read. Play. Write. IV playwright Michael Sean Cirelli shares his thoughts on collaboration, process and what he loves about the “strange little world” of his new play, Grit. Reserve your tickets at www.CrashboxTickets.com to see Grit on February 1st at 8pm.

Thoughts on Grit

What a strange little world Grit is turning out to be, and yet, I hope, it feels somewhat familiar to everyone who comes to visit. There’s a reason it’s a play and that’s because there is no other way to invoke the experience provided by this story. If I could tell you in a paragraph, that would have been a much more efficient use of my time.

Still, one can always try.

Grit is a play where the tensions between our dreams for the future and our fear of change collide. And, since no one really wants to talk about that, the play distracts you with clowning, cartoonish caricatures, and a sobering dose of Absurdism. All these are really entertaining distractions to let the play sink in, like a magic trick, so that you walk away with a great story with some sense of yearning underneath. I am looking forward to meeting with people after the reading because I think everyone will take away something different that reflects the strange little world they live in.

Thoughts on Collaboration

Sharone has an energy that just makes you work to be better at whatever you are doing, and I am so grateful to have her share in this process with me. I can’t wait to see what the actors bring to these characters and to shape the play around them. The script begs for bold choices, and I think one bold choice leads to another and another so I expect all that energy to snowball during the rehearsal process. The final piece of any collaboration in theater is always the audience. Having the opportunity to put this play in front of the Crashbox community excites me in so many ways. They are the final piece of the puzzle and I look forward to delighting, amazing, and surprising all of them with this oddball little story and its ragtag team of characters.

Favorite Moment

Every time I see a show, there inevitably is a moment where I am the only person in the audience laughing. Little quirks of character or moment that I recognize as indelibly funny but elicit no reaction from the rest of the audience. There’s one of those in this play. Maybe. Maybe it really is very funny. I can’t tell you cause that will ruin the experiment, but if the audience laughs, I’ll keep it. If they don’t laugh… I’ll probably keep it anyway cause it’s short and it makes me giggle.